Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A mango taste test

We went over to friends' house today.  They made a 7 layer cake for me to take a picture of (for a scavenger hunt that I'm doing) yup, I know that I have some good friends!!   While we were over there the husband made homemade bread & hummus.  They also had just gotten back from the market and bought 6 different types of mangoes.  They are only a family of two so they figured with all of us (6 of us total -- minus two in the mommies bellies) we could do a little taste test and just see how they were all different.  I was VERY surprised at how different each of them tasted.  My friend was smart and wrote down how each them tasted was it sweet or tart, etc.  I wish I had been that smart because I just have a vague memory of what everything tasted like.  I guess I'll have to do another mango tasting!
It was yummy and delicious way to spend time with friends.  My meal plan for the night went out the window because we ate so much freshly baked bread, hummus & mangoes but it was so worth it.  Plus we helped them eat the 7 layer cake to help celebrate their anniversary!  It was a good day!!

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