Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playgroup - The Farm Coffee

Playgroup, it's always a fun time!  I'm still not sure how I got involved in it BUT I am so thankful that I have.  The ladies I believe are all some how connected to Victory Church and have kids.  I love the one lady and her two children -- they are right around my kids age and she's very laid back.  It's just fun watching my kids interact with other kids!
Where we have been going for lunch have been hole in the wall places that most foreigners would never find.  Thankfully we have GPS on John's phone and tablet so we have found all the places.   All the places have been great finds just we would have never known about them because they are so hidden.  The restaurant that we went to was called the Farm Coffee.  It still in the city but so strange because there are farm animals -- chickens, goats, horses, pigs, oxen (or water buffalo), etc outside the restaurant.  The menu is all in Chinese so I am thankful for the ladies who go up to me ask what I want and then translate the menu for me! :-)
When we first got there was a little playground that the kids played on, then we got to eat (I got a yummy pasta dish and a salad & soup!)  sadly my kids weren't feeling to good -- Little M is working on 4 teeth (I believe his eye teeth) so he was just miserable -- out of it and just not himself!  After eating we went outside took a group picture!!  Woo hoo....I finally have a picture of most of the ladies and their kids!  Then we watched the animals.  Little N & M were so fascinated by all the animals -- so much so that they insisted that John come and look at them when he picked us up!  As per usually we are usually the first to leave -- mostly because our kids are SO exhausted that they are almost in tears because they are so tired! 
As we were leaving we noticed this lady riding a bike with a wagon on it filled with recyclables! (You can get money for recycling -- most people don't do it unless they are a little bit older. We just sort our recycling!)
 Every time I go to playgroup -- I try to focus on a couple different kids to take pictures of!!  This little girl fascinated me and wouldn't smile for me so I was determined to take a picture with her not looking so solemn!  She is just gorgeous!
 In our playgroup there are at least 3 ladies expecting babies.  It's a little crazy to think about! :-)
 Little N feeding the animals!!  He was a little nervous!! :-)
 Showing Daddy the animals!
 Lady on a bike pulling a wagon!!  Pretty amazing....also this road is a pretty busy road!!  She is very brave to be doing this!  I would never do it!! 

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  1. Love the pic of N trying to feed the animals, I can see the nervousness on the side profile of his face!


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