Monday, July 11, 2011

15 weeks

So every pregnancy I have thought was different then the other one.  Little N & Little M yes they were different but they were the same.  I started out the same weight, had basically the same symptoms & the only thing different was that I had to figure out what types of food would soothe my pregnant belly or the babies. 
This pregnancy has been very different.  I thought it might be similar but it really has not been at all the same as the two boys.  I am starting out at least 10 pounds lower then from what I was with the other two.  I haven't put on as much weight because of morning sickness.  I get dizzy easier and I haven't figured out what soothes this pregnancy.  It's finally getting better -- mostly because I'm in my second trimester but this pregnancy has kicked my butt!! 
Last week I popped a little bit.  Not too much but enough that John & I can tell that I am pregnant.  Most people over in Taiwan don't believe that I am as far along as I am just because I am not showing as much.  Most the women in Taiwan who are expecting baby basically start showing by 12 weeks or earlier.  So it's shocking to them that I'm not showing. 
Waiting for our health insurance card.....hopefully that will come so we can go to the doctor's again and maybe find out what we are having.  It should be interesting navigating through this experience over here in Taiwan.  As I find out more about what's going to be expected from this I'll share (or not)! 
For those curious as to what I look I am in all my 15 week glory!!  My goal is to take a picture every week....but I have a feeling I will fail at that!  So maybe every other week or every month!! 

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