Monday, January 23, 2012

Our New Apartment

We are in the process of moving.  We weren't looking to move but some friends of ours showed a place that we could rent and we just couldn't resist the apartment.  It's got more living space and just more space for our family.  The apartment is further away from church but still a 10 minute drive to church....just can't walk to church anymore.  We are excited about moving to our new place....I think it will help us not feel like we are living on top of one another anymore.  Here are some before pictures of the place -- it is new construction and we are the first people to live in the place....advantage is that it's brand new and no one has used it. The disadvantage is that we are coming from a fully furnished apartment and going to an unfurnished apartment.  So we have a lot of things that we need to purchase to get our apartment ready.  Thankfully we have a couch, we have a crib, beds for the boys and we bought a bed for ourselves.  We will get things slowly and as we are able to.
It's an open floor plan which I love -- Living Room, Dinning Room and Kitchen.  Then right off the kitchen is  where we will put our washer and dryer. The little nook with the breaker box is what we thought would be perfect for a fridge but there is no electrical outlets there so we decided to put our fridge in our "laundry room".
Bedroom 1 - The smallest bedroom.  We'll use it as a playroom, craft room, extra bedroom.
Guest bathroom & Kids Bathroom
Next to the bathroom is the boys bedroom. 
 Across from them is Little H's room 
 Master bedroom - This is a huge space.  We can have our bed, Little H's crib, a couple wardrobes & even like a reading nook in here. 
Master Bathroom 

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