Friday, January 13, 2012

Grandma came

Grandma came last night!  It was perfect time because Grandma had said that she didn't want Little H to be very old.  Well Little H listened to her Grandma and was only three days old when she finally met Grandma.  The little boys were SUPER excited to see their grandma.  Little N was a snoop and found some of their presents before Grandma could wrap them up.  We also had to celebrate Christmas right away.  The boys were super excited to open up all their stuff.  They liked their fast pants from Uncle Rich & Auntie Jen & their matching outfits to look like Uncle Ds from Tante Lexi & Uncle Dave. They loved all their presents & kept coming up to grandma to say thank you for everything. Little H couldn't open anything but enjoyed her Flopsy & Dog that she got.  She also will look adorable in all her clothes.

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