Friday, January 20, 2012

Little H & Grandma's first trip to Neiwan

We decided to take mom and Little H up to Neiwan for a quick trip just to get out of the city and see some different parts of Taiwan.  Plus today was supposed to be a nicer day so that we could show her (my mom) some different parts of Taiwan.  So we drove up into the mountains.  We showed her one of the suspension bridges and she actually went on it with us.  I guess she felt it wasn't that scary and that she could go on it.  After the suspension bridge we went back into Neiwan.  We walked around the town and looked at the shops.  We also ate at one of the restaurants.....we ordered lots of noodles and soup type dishes and it was actually pretty good.  After dinner we walked to the old theater and then looked at more of the shops.  Found a "ice cream" (more like gelato) shop and enjoyed the ice cream.  Then drove up into the mountains to go on an adventure.  We had a blast.  Afterwards we stopped at a friends house and had an adventure there also which I'm pretty sure that my mom will never forget. 

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