Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Bye Grandma Dalene

Little H decided that she had to wake up just before Grandma Dalene was leaving.  She wanted to get one last cuddle from her grandma.  Also wanted to make sure we got our good byes in.  Good byes are always hard for me.  It's hard know that I have to start thinking again about the time difference and try and remember everyone's schedule to be able to talk to people.  It was nice having my mom around - we had fun going shopping, talking, looking at stuff to decorate the new apartment, sight seeing, and just seeing how we live. Thank you mom SO much for coming to visit us and dad for letting her be over her for as long as she was.  It was a much needed visit and will hopefully help get me through till we are able to come back to visit everyone in the states.

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