Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The birth story of Little H

We have been waiting for Little H's arrival for a while.  With Little M's birth we just figured she would come just as quickly as he did and early.  But December came and went, then January 1st (the first due date given to me) came and went and then January 8th (the final due date that the doctor gave me) came and went.   Caristy started to wonder if she would ever make her arrival.

Finally on Monday evening Caristy just started not feeling good.  Then at 2:00 am I had contractions that were 10 minutes a part for 2 hours.  So finally at 4 am I woke up John and told him it was time.  We called our friend that was going to watch the boys and she came rushing over.  Then we walked over to the hospital (easier to walk over there then to drive over there) and went through the sign in process....always an experience especially when you don't speak the language.  They wondered why I came into the emergency room and couldn't quite understand that I was in labor.   Finally got it down that I was in labor.

Got upstairs to labor and delivery I got a little nervous because I figured they would send me home because I was only like 3 cm dilated.  They checked me and found out that I was 6 cm.  Went through the unique procedures of getting checked in which are unique to here and sat on a bed laboring.  Got nervous again because they hooked me up to monitors -- to check my contractions and to check the babies heartbeat.  I kept on moving which skewed the data some but I couldn't lay down -- usually during contractions I had to sit up.  So from like 6 am to 1 pm the contractions were pretty irregular but I was still progressing.  Then at 1:45 pm they tried to get my labor going -- breaking my water and seeing if I was ready by trying to push.  She came at 2:13 pm finally.  I had another all natural birth again and it was vbac to boot!  I was thrilled.

Got to hold my little daughter for the first time and John got to take pictures (which you see in this post) of her.  We were so thankful that she was here and that she was born healthy and with no complications.

Later John took me to the nursery and I nursed and then we quick snuck John in so that he would be able to hold Little H.  (The nurses were not that thrilled about John holding Little H).  We had two choices...room in or nursery.  But if we had her in the room we had to do everything and in the nursery we just thought we would be able to go and hold her whenever we wanted to like we did with Little N and Little M when they were born.  But basically she's in the nursery and Caristy just goes in to nurse her and then that's it.  Just a little different then what I'm used to.  So we don't have a lot of pictures of Little H in the hospital except through the glass when they had visiting hours.
  Daddy's little girl! 


  1. beautiful birth story! Welcome to the world, little H! :)

  2. Love the picture...can't wait to meet her and see everybody. So glad Grandma D. is there and enjoying all the grandchildren and children....Grandma O.

  3. Love reading her birth story! Thanks for the pictures, makes me more excited to meet #3! :) And, great job Mama! :) Wow


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