Thursday, January 12, 2012

Homecoming of Little H

Little H and Caristy went home early from the hospital.  Normally you need to stay for 3 days but we decided to get a double room and share it with someone else & her husband.....the husband snored and the wife was in pain because she had a c-section.  It just wasn't very restful and I couldn't hold Little H and get to know her unless I was nursing her.  So I asked to come home doctor said yes, which made us all excited.  Picked up Little H and made our way home to being our new adventure as a family of 5.
Little N and M were at Stephanie's house for the afternoon and when they came home were exhausted.  Three days in a row with no nap equals crabby kiddos.  But they were really excited to meet and hold their little sister.  Then we had friends come over to meet and hold Little H.  E was SUPER excited because there is another girl to spend time with. 

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