Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitty Cat love

What do you do after you have a baby?  Well if you are us you decide to move almost 12 days after you give birth and have a baby.  We are moving to a new just sort of fell on our laps and we decided that we would have more room for entertaining and living.  So we have been looking around at new and used furniture because the place that we are moving to is completely unfurnished so we have to get some new stuff.  Thankfully the boys have their bed and Little H has a crib.  We have a couch, a table and some misc.  But for the most part we have to start from scratch.  It's slightly overwhelming to think about.  Well today we went out with a friend to look at a second hand shop to get some ideas and buy some stuff for our new apartment.  We found some wardrobes, a nice bed frame for our bed and some other stuff.  While we were there the little boys got to meet and pet a cat.  Little M and Little N continue the tradition of their dad in that they love animals.  Little M was just in heaven holding the cat.  It was pretty cute!  After the boys were done looking at the cat we washed their hands and made sure that they were clean.
 Little M never stops moving...he's always on the go or doing something.  I love him dearly!!

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