Saturday, January 7, 2017

The afternoon at the train park

We had a picnic with friends at the train park near our house.  We like the train park because it's semi quiet, there is lots of green space, trains go by very regularly.  Plus John just discovered that he can set up his hammock there and it is a place to relax and have fun. The kids had fun running around, playing in the trees, riding bikes, climbing trees, swinging on trees and playing on exercise equipment. Our friends brought their dog so Little H had a blast walking Mater around the area and surprisingly wasn't terrified of him.  (She's always been very skittish around dogs.) Happy we got to go there and happy we got to visit with sweet dear friends too.
 N was having a blast climbing trees and swings on the roots hanging from the trees.  He felt like Tarzan!
 Little H borrowed our friends' bike to try to see if she could ride a bike.  She did pretty good and I think she will pick it up quickly once she gets one her size.  She's only used a balance bike so far and is itching to get a bike with pedals.

 Little H was so proud of the fact that she walked Mater that she wanted a picture to show how much she liked him.

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