Saturday, January 28, 2017

Meal with Friends

We had a nice visit and a nice meal with this little girl's mom and dad.  I've known this little one since she was first born.  She has always had a smile on her face or always let me take her but as she has gotten older she has gotten less familiar with me so she smiles less at me and is more afraid of me.  However, she is slowly getting more comfortable with me...just the fact that I act silly with her.  Her dad won't let me give her sweets and treats so I can't bribe her to like me with treats so it's lots of work and lots of smiling and having fun.  She had fun with the kids tonight as they all played together.  They ran around after eating and then were giving each other hugs and falling down.  It was super cute. 
 We had a delicious meal of Vegetarian Chili.  It was yummy and we had a yummy salad with balsamic vinegar.  Then after our meal, we enjoyed a yummy, but simple dessert of a flat bread with sour cream and then sliced apples with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar on top.  Surprisingly Little N really liked the dessert.  Little H at first didn't like it but then she enjoyed it and liked it.  I had a hard time allowing Little N to slice the apples but he did a good job and thankfully he didn't lose a finger.  Plus he was supervised pretty well by our friend. Thankful friends who visit with us and cook for us.  It was a wonderful evening.
 I love the little finger wanting to touch the dough to see what in the world her dad was making.  It just makes me smile! 😋
 The final product!  It looks so yummy and it was so yummy!! 

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