Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese New Year Break - Cherry Blossoms & Waterfalls

We are on Chinese New Year Break!  This Sunday we had one service and then basically the church closed at 1 pm.   Chinese New Year here in Taiwan is basically a break similar to Christmas in the USA.  Everything kind of shuts down and people go back to visit with their families.   Church closes and it is closed...we discovered that the hard way our first year we lived in Taiwan.  John left our Wii at church and thought he could quick go get it and discovered that was locked up and stayed lock up.  This year we had Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday for a break - we did things as a family, with some friends and also enjoyed our time. 
 After church, we went searching for a restaurant that was open so we could eat with friends.  We finally found a new place to us - a Japanese Ramen/Curry place.  The food was pretty good and the conversations that we had with friends were even better.   I love this picture of N and our friend.
 Afterward our lunch we took a drive up into the mountains.  We were hunting for Cherry Blossoms.  This year has been a strange year, with it being so warm.  We keep waiting for the cooler temperatures but I really don't think they will come.  So on our adventure, we found some Cherry Blossoms but I think we were still too early and by the time we can go out again I think they will be already passed.  But they sure are pretty!
 We also I think found some pretty Plum Blossoms. 
We also went back to the waterfalls!  They are so pretty and make me SO happy!  Sadly the going back up the steps for me was very difficult -- my heart started to race and I was just out of breath.  I can't wait to figure out how to get back in shape after this pregnancy.

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