Friday, January 13, 2017

An afternoon up in Yingge with Pottery.

Sometimes your life gets so crazy that you forget to breathe or your life is so busy and crazy that when you have a moment to rest you realize how stressful life was at that moment.  That was our life this past week.  Thankfully on Friday after our morning stress, Little H and I joined our dear sweet friends along with their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters for an adventure up in Yingge.

Yingge is a pottery town.  It's not really a place that you want to take kids because as John would say it's just stressful watching kids walk into a place that has a whole bunch of beautiful pottery and remind kids that they can't run around and touch everything.  Even though they watch adults pick up and touch all those pretty things.   The only thing that is nice about Yingge is that they have shops where you can make your own pottery.  You sit at the wheel and then you create your design - a bowl, a cup, a plate, or something completely unique.  Then once you are finished then you can decorate it with designs and swirls.

It's when you are at the wheel that you realize how much skill and talent the people who make these bowls, plates, and cups actually have.  Because you start touching the clay and you think that you are making something beautiful and then once the wheel stops you realize that your creation is lopsided, not even and needs work.  You then have the professional potter come over and she looks at your creation and knows just what you wanted to do and so she loving, gently and quickly (in your eyes) transforms your work into the masterpiece that you were hoping to do by yourself.  It's quite humbling to realize but then also points your eyes to Jesus.  He also loving and carefully takes the time to shape us and sometimes it's not gonna be the easiest things but he is creating us to be beautiful pottery.  After molding the clay to what he wants me to be, he designs me,  and then here comes the painful part....he sets me in the fire which helps to shape me and keep my shape.  I am praying that I never forget the imagery of Jesus being the master potter.
So thankful for the fun opportunity to watch my daughter make her cup and play with new sweet friends.   

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