Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Day Beach Day!

So today after church and lunch with friends we decided to go down to the beach for the afternoon.  We started off trying to dig holes (John loves digging holes in the beach).  But after awhile the kids slow disappeared into the dunes area, so that they could run up the dunes and just have all sorts of adventures.  I guarded our camp but thankfully we moved our camp closer to the dunes so that I could be apart of the action.  While they were off exploring, I was coloring, taking pictures and laughing at the mischief they got into.  We had fun and I'm glad that we went! 
Climbing the dunes, jumping in the waves, climbing the creation they made. 
 Jumping in the waves! 
 We also attempted a family picture!  Not the greatest picture but I like how it turned out.  Yes, it's whited out but I wanted us to be more in focus and not in the shadow.  I was experimenting and my friend did a good job getting the shots.  Yes, this is basically the first family picture where you can actually see my belly and see that we are expecting another baby in 2017. 
We saw fishermen preparing their nets for when high tide came up.  I'm not sure what they were catching but they were all very diligent in their work.  Then we saw a guy parasailing or para surfing. I'm still not exactly sure what is the right answer to that.  If you have an answer comment in the comment section and I'll change it. 
 Gorgeous Sunset silhouettes. 
 The first sunset for 2017 was so gorgeous and a beautiful start to the new year. Happy New Year! 

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