Monday, January 23, 2017

Little H and Mommy date

Little H and I had basically two days to hang out while the boys went hiking and camping together.  Right now we have a break for Chinese New Little M and Little H have about three weeks off from school.   So John decided that he would take the boys camping and do some hiking.  Unfortunately, right now I am past the stage of being able to do the kind of hiking and camping that John likes to do with my pregnancy, so Little H and I stayed back while the guys had their nature fun.
I tried to think of something that would be fun to do and also something that we would be able to give Little H for her birthday.  She has been asking for a while now if she could get her ears pierced and I haven't cared one way or the other about.  John, on the other hand, has been very against the idea of having her get her ears pierced.  So he told me right around her birthday that if she came up and asked him or I to get her ears pierced that we could do it.  She asked both of us, so I decided that while the boys played and had fun, we would also have fun.

So with getting Little H's ears pierced, there are some rules.  Until she is a teenager she can only wear studs.  I don't want her to have dangly earrings while she is still so young and doesn't understand how to take care of herself and to be careful.  So we will enjoy the cute little studs that they have available.

Little H was a little nervous because I told her what would happen when they pierced her ears.  But when we got to the place I've bought jewelry from she was very excited and ready.  The lady cleaned her ears, marked it up and then told her to sit very still while she got everything ready.  The first earring went in and I was expecting tears or at the very least being asked for a snuggle but she was good.  Then after the second one, she had no tears and had the biggest smile on her face.  She was so proud that she got them done and happy she got them.  She couldn't wait to show her dad and brothers.  Also, she was happy because now she could finally say yes to her Grandpa when he asked her if she had her ears pierced.
After getting her ears pierced we sat down by the canal and drank our special drinks.  Then we had a couple of different opportunities to take pictures.  She was so giddy it was very cute.   Then we made our way to the mall where we enjoyed a special treat of donuts, ice cream, noodles and some shopping.   It was a very fun and busy day that made for a happy day instead of a sad day missing her daddy and brothers. 

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