Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Playgroup

Oh I have been addicted to of these little kids that I get to see on Wednesday for playgroup!  Each of them have a different personality and I love when they let me take their picture!!  It will be hard not going for the next two weeks. (I need to catch up on a lot of stuff & the next week we are going a conference)  We met at a restaurant for playgroup!  It was in a beautiful area....wish I had remembered to take pictures of everything.  The restaurant was probably mid prices for restaurants in Taiwan.  Little N, Little M & I shared waffles with blueberry stuff on top (which for the most part is a dessert)!!  Everyone else at playgroup got the meal -- either curry with beef, curry with pork or some got some panini's!  It all looked so delicious and afterwards I had wished I had gotten it all but my poor little tummy wanted something sweet so that's what I gave it!  While we waited for the food one of the ladies had brought a sticker activity for the kids which entertained them for a long time!  We all chatted and then watched as the kids played together. After the food I had John pick me up ( pretty pathetic that I have my drivers license and can drive but I just haven't yet!!  We need to get on that!!) because my two boys were exhausted and needed to take a nap! 

 The little boy crying is very upset that his mommy is holding a baby.  The thing that makes this picture all the more hilarious is that come November he will have a baby sister that will be in his life! 

This little boy making the funny face at me is right around the same age as Little N.  He's always talking to me in Chinese expecting me to understand!!  I like him a lot!!

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