Sunday, June 12, 2011


With John being gone in the states we had a special guest speaker for church!  It was great to hear a new voice but I definitely missed having John at church.  Took Little N to Sunday school -- thankfully I had a friend who was willing to watch Little M because Little N had no desire to go to Sunday school without me.  We were talking about it today and Little N was telling me that he's doesn't like going because his teacher expects him to speak Chinese which terrifies him.  (She doesn't expect him to speak Chinese it just she doesn't know enough English to explain everything for we want him to understand Chinese & eventually speak it!) Thankfully I was finally able to leave the classroom and he had a great time with his classmates.  After Sunday school we went with a friend to a frozen yogurt place!!  It was SO yummy....basically you pick as much frozen yogurt and then you have a self service bar with all different toppings to put on get it weighed and then pay!!  Oh it was so good!!  I was so thankful that my friend took me there.   After frozen yogurt the kids took a nap (actually Little M was so tired he fell asleep on the bus and on the way back to the church so we could get the stroller which made for an interesting walk off the bus!!)  After their nap we had friends come over for pizza and was great to spend the whole day with friends so that my day wasn't so lonely.  The good thing is that John's on an airplane on his way home and I can't wait to see him.  Little N told me that he wants him to stay in the states but I'm pretty sure he'll be excited to see him too!! 

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