Thursday, June 2, 2011


We are so blessed!!  One of the things our church was charged with was to find ways to help our family!!  Now it's kind of hard to do that because we don't know what we need or how people are able to help us.  So we have had wonderful thoughtful offers of call us if you need anything -- sadly we won't do that mostly because we don't want to impose on someone.  However when John was away in Japan a lady from church came up to us and gave us a gift....she came up to me and said I am coming to your house and you are gonna go out!!  I'll watch your kids and you just relax and have fun!!  Now it has happened pretty consistently either on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon and let me tell you if I am ever in that same situation where I can help a young mother (or even a fellow ministry wife) that will be my gift to them.....watching their kids so that they can get out and feel like a person besides just a mother!
I'm usually only gone for an hour and a half but that's enough time for me to feel recharged!  This week John and I went on a date!!  It was great we talked about our goals of finally nailing down and hopefully succeeding in having a budget (for us, for meals out, for a vacation -- one day, for presents and for many other things).....we also knew that we needed to make a Costco run so we ran some errands!  We were very blessed to have time to eat and talk like a couple!
John's meal of steak, noodles, an egg, rolls, corn chowder (which he didn't eat) and broccoli (which he also didn't eat & gave to me!) 
 Caristy's meal -- noodles & dumpling soup!  Which is what I wanted to order on Tuesday but they didn't have it at the restaurant I went to with my teacher!  Sigh!!

Here are just some suggestions for how to help your Pastor's wife:
- Give her a hug -- sometimes she needs it!
- Give her the gift of watching her kids so that she can attend a bible study or have a ladies night!
- Give them the gift of watching their kids so that they (as a couple) can go out together!
- Give the family a meal -- sometimes life gets busy especially during the busy holidays and at times dinners aren't the forefront of their minds!!
- Take them out for a meal or if you can't go out with them give them a gift card!
- Give them food!  Eggs, milk, flour, pasta noodles, if there is a certain fruit or veggie that's in season give it to them!  (Since being in taiwan I have been thankful to many people who have given us different fruits and veggies that we wouldn't have tried because we didn't know what they were -- wax apple, yellow kiwi fruit, buddha's head fruit, etc)
- Spend time with them....sometime it's hard to get to know people but have a bunch of families over and invite to pastor's family for a game night a fun time to just get to know a variety of people!! 
- If you are very familiar with the area take them around the town or area (it might have to be a couple of times) so that they know where some nice shops are, some places to go hiking are or just know more about the area that they have moved to!
- Also the most important thing that you can do is to pray for a pastor's family!  Pray that they would make wise choices with the variety of things they are going through -- if they have no kids, young kids, school age kids, teenagers, adult age kids!!  Just pray for them that they would be a blessing to their congregation and that God would bless their marriage.

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