Sunday, June 26, 2011

Little N and Chinese Sunday School

One of the recommendations that we got from the Chinese kindergarten principal was that if we weren't going to put him in school this year that we should get him involved in Chinese Sunday School.  We checked it out to see if Victory church has a sunday school class for his age which they do and it's almost directly after our church service.  The first couple of times he went he really liked it and would go up and race into his classroom after opening exercises.  Then he went through a phase (which is still on going) where he didn't want to go up and do any interaction at all.  He would scream and cry and even if I sat in the classroom he would still get all upset!  It broke my heart but still we persisted in taking him to Sunday School.  He really has no idea what's going on during open exercises or in his sunday school.  I don't have a clue what he learns in class unless I ask someone to translate what the bible verse is but both of us are growing through this experience.  I am being stretched and so is Little N.  Every time we have to interact and try to figure out what's going on in Chinese we are learning about the culture and the language.  Hopefully some day I'll have the head knowledge to be able to speak in Chinese to these wonderful men and women who are lovingly sharing the gospel with my son in a different language. 
   This Sunday for the first time we made progress!!  We took the elevator up to opening exercises and he played with the other kids and then interacted and tried to sing along with the songs that were being sung.  I quick grabbed my camera so I could capture him doing the motions with everyone and I think it also helped to take the pictures so I wouldn't burst into tears. (could be some hormones racing!)  After opening exercises Little N raced to his classroom with the rest of his classmates!  When I came to pick him up after Sunday School he happily told me that they had cake (but he didn't eat it -- they gave him a rice cracker instead) and that they got to color and decorate a picture.  He was so excited!!  It gave me the encouragement that I needed -- pushing every Sunday for Little N to go to Sunday School.  Soon he will understand more and speak more Chinese than I do!  But I know that the songs he is singing will be songs that I am happy to have him sing! 

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