Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Blessed

Gretchen over at He Sows and She Sews has started a wonderful new thing.  Every Monday she will be hosting a "I'm Blessed" blog carnival.  Her thinking was it's hard to get started on Monday's so showing what you are thankful for and blessed with at the start of the week is a good way to start off your week.  Also makes you thankful for the little things!
    Please join me and link yourself to Gretchen's blog so other's can be blessed with what you are blessed with this week!  It could be a little thing or a big thing!  Toilet training success, a wonderful day hiking with friends, a successfully cooked meal or something that has to do with your kids -- maybe they give you kissed every morning to wake you up!

Here is my "I'm Blessed" post!

I am blessed with two wonderful little boys.  Last week while John was gone they made sure to give me plenty of cuddle time just in case I was lonely!

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who lovingly watches the kids while I get to enjoy a weekend with the girls.

I am blessed with some wonderful girls who are Godly Christians and just want to serve the Lord where ever they are.  I am blessed that we were able to go on a trip and see some beautiful things that God created.  I am blessed that they looked after me as I struggled (just a little bit) going back up the hiking trail.  But I was so blessed by the Christian songs that we sang, the conversations that we had as we hiked and the beautiful, beautiful things that we saw on the way! 

But the thing right now that I am most blessed with is......I am blessed with a so far healthy pregnancy!  Yup....I'm announcing it here!  I am blessed to be pregnant for a third time and while this pregnancy has been very different then my first two -- morning sickness like crazy!  I am thankful for this special time of having a little baby grow inside me!!


  1. Congratulations! We're so happy for you!

  2. How exciting! Now that is what I call a blessing!

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm going to be an auntie of seven!!!

  4. Yippee!! So, excited for you, John, and the boys! Praying that the sickness goes away soon. I agree with Gretchen...THAT is what I call a blessing too!

  5. Congratulations!!! Hope you feel better soon! I know how rough it can be!

  6. Wonderful news!!! And how fun to announce it on this blessings post!

  7. We are so very happy for you! Can't wait to welcome in our newest member of the family!!!

  8. O, and by the way, you won the dishcloths! Just send me an email at garonnevik at yahoo dot com, with your address and I'll pop them in the mail. Congratulations again!

  9. wowwwww! congratulations caristy :D that is amazing!


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