Friday, June 24, 2011

A very special giveaway

A year ago in May -- I joined a forum called Clickin' Moms.  It is a wonderful forum filled with very helpful ladies (and men) who have helped me learn so much about photography!!  I am very thankful for them!!  They have different challenges, they have fun contests and different classes all available to help you grow as a photographer.  They also have special group buys great discounts that are only given out to clickinmom members. Plus a wonderful bunch of ladies (and men) who you can ask questions to.  If you are a mom with a camera who just wants to learn how to take better shots of your kids (or dog, cat, birds, neighbors, grandchildren, etc) or if you are a professional photographer looking to network with other professional photographers this is a great place to share and grow as a photographer.

I have one free lifetime membership ($195 value) up for grabs. 

Mandatory Entry:

Publicly follow my blog! (then post a comment on my blog letting me know you are following me -- with your e-mail address so that way I can contact you if you are the winner)

Additional Entry:
- Put a comment about why you feel photography is important (in my comment section)

So you have two easy chances to win a membership valued at $195.

Remember to click on the link to check it out. You can do a 7 day trial for $6. (Even if you win the membership you can still check it out and see if you like what you see.  They will credit your account if you are the winner of the lifetime membership giveaway.  The trial membership is what it took for me to realize there was so much great advice to read and learn about that I got hooked. By the way this giveaway is only for new members (within the last month) of clickinmoms.  Good luck!!

Winner - RACHEL


  1. Well, shoot (haha, pun intended)! You've got no comments yet, I just may win this thing! :) I am now publicly following your blog. You know my email address, which I'd rather not list here :) (I think, but am not for sure, that most blog giveaways say to leave the comment, then the winner is announced in a blog post and the winner has a certain amount of time - like 24-48 hours) to email the blogger they're contact info - that way it's not publicized. It's been a while since I've seen a giveaway, though, so I might be wrong.) At any rate, here I am, enter g! :)

  2. And here I am again, entering my additional comment. Clckin' Moms might be good motivation for me! Photography - important for posterity, as well as sharing memories now! A creative outlet for some, and a chance for others to remember those moments that seem to go by all too fast (even though, I will admit, while IN the moment, they don't seem to go by fast enough sometimes).


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