Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Blessed - Little N & M

All right....eventually my blog will be all caught up!!  This week it should be all caught up and hopefully I won't let it fall behind again!! The posts will be back dated to the dates that they happened on so just check back and catch up on our lives! :-) Also you only have till tomorrow to get on the great deal of a lifetime membership to Clickin' Moms.

Gretchen over at He sows & She sews came up with this wonderful idea to start the week off just saying what we are blessed with.  With Monday's always being a hard time especially after a busy weekend sometimes you just need to count your blessing and name them one by one!  What are you blessed with -- are they small things that occur everyday or have you been extra blessed this past week with something that God blessed you with something you've been praying about and it finally came to fruition -- share them on your blog and put a link to your I'm blessed post on Gretchen's page! 

I'm blessed with two wonderful kids!  I'm gonna focus on the blessings that my kids give me because they have just been doing some pretty fun and good things that I just love!

This week I am blessed with the things that Little N has done

- He wakes up and plays every so quietly so that I can sleep a little bit more.  Which means that I am blessed with a couple more minutes of sleep.
- Every Sunday he loves to snuggle with me during church which I tend to need and he needs.
- Lately since reading the book Mess Monsters he has wanted to have his toys picked up and everything so that the mess monsters who live under Mommy & Daddy's bed don't come out and destroy all of his toys!  I love Little N's imagination!  Bonus all the toys from the two bins aren't pulled off the shelves first thing in the morning!!
- Just today Little N took a book -- the Incy Wincy spider and started to read it to his brother!!  He looked at the pictures and made up a story based on the pictures.  Again I love my kids imagination! 
-  The thing that I am most blessed with is every Sunday (well not consistently) I take Little N up to the Chinese Sunday school!  Lately it's been a struggle and there are always tears and not wanting to go.  This week we went up to the opening exercises and Little N sat in his spot and when the other kids got up to do the motions and sing Little N also tried to follow along with the motions. Then when it was time to go to his classroom he raced with the other kids to his classroom!!  It made me SO excited because I feel just blessed and encouraged that he is learning a little bit of Chinese and then also learning that God loves him in a different language. Getting a little weepy thinking about this blessing because it means so much to me and is giving me encouragement that hopefully I am doing the right thing!
- I'm blessed with Little N looking for God moments.  He's always asking why God created something or did something and it always makes me think and be thankful for all that God has given us!!

Little M Blessing

Little M is my lovey!!  He makes sure I'm okay and gives me cuddles and loves periodically throughout the day!

- Everyday Little M will climb up on the sofa and grab my neck pull my head close to his head and then just rest it there for a couple minutes.  Then when he's done he gives me a kiss!! I love when he does it and wish I could get a picture of it because I'm pretty certain that it's a cute moment that I need to savor forever!!
- Lately annoyingly enough Little M has not been getting enough sleep which means cranky mommy and cranky daddy!!  However last week I figured out why he has been getting up so early -- he is getting like 8 teeth all at the same time!  Poor guy but thankfully besides the waking up and chewing on his fingers he isn't a cranky kiddo! Surprisingly enough!  So I am thankful and blessed to discover that while teething happens it doesn't last forever!
- I'm also wondering if Little M is getting ready for the P word (potty training) he goes and gives me a diaper and wants me to change him as soon as he does a number 2.  So potty training could be in our future and we could maybe be just one kid sort of in diapers come January!  My fingers are crossed.
- I love how Little M and Little N play together this is a blessing to me because they love to play together whether it is playing with trains, reading books, racing in storage containers, etc.  I'm thankful that they are good friends and I'm blessed watching them interact with one another!

I'm seriously blessed with two amazing little boys who sometimes make me want to pull out my hair but for the most part I love and am blessed to have them in my life! Their creativity & imagination spurs me on and just makes me realize that you can do anything you want to.


  1. Very beautiful descriptions of your blessings! Awww, the feeling of "are you doing the right thing" must be so tough. But like you said, just the things that Little N learned in SS has got to reassure your heart!

  2. It's always amazing to me how much my children teach me, and their perspective on life. It's sometimes so humbling, and it is certainly a blessing!


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