Monday, June 13, 2011

My first Monday Ramblings -- Little N & school

             So it's been a week since John has left Taiwan to return to the states to attend his grandpa's funeral!  We haven't done a lot this past week -- too hot and the kids have enjoyed playing together inside.  My kids are used to have some down time just to play by the themselves and just be a kid.  They struggle if we have too much going on during the week and can't have time to just play.  Now we are just anxiously waiting for John to come home -- cleaning up toys, doing laundry and running around in circles (the kids are super excited to have their daddy home -- they are counting the naps down -- time goes by through naps). I'm super excited for John to come home because he's bringing home goodies from home not sure what everything is but I'm hoping he's grabbed my magazines and gotten me my cheese popcorn sprinkle!
            With John being gone I've talked to a couple of people that I haven't spoken to in a while and they were ask what was the final decision about having Little N in school. So that's what this rambling post is about just updating curious people on what we have decided on! We looked at the Chinese Kindergarten, were very impressed with the school however we just didn't like the idea that Little N would be away from us Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4 pm (we worked it out so we could pick him up 2 pm but it was very reluctantly given).  Little N will just be turning 4 this year and while I love the idea of him going to Chinese school, I just don't feel it is necessary for him to be away from us that long every week.  We don't need to put him in daycare.  Plus with John's job we just won't have a lot of family time once we put Little N in school.  If I could have found a program where I could put Little N in half days and and three times a week we would have done that but we haven't found anything like that!  
         So we made the decision that we will keep Little N home for the year and actively put him in situations where he will have the opportunity to hear and learn Chinese. (Which was one of the recommendations from the principal at the Chinese Kindergarten we looked at.)  So some of those ways that we have done that is Chinese Sunday School, then there is a playgroup that meets on Wednesdays that we sometimes attend and there is a little boy that is right around the same age as Little N and they like to play together (and sometimes not)!  We also have been watching Dora and Diego which over here is in Chinese with a little bit of English so we are learning different words and phrases that way.  We also find Super Why....which is mostly in Chinese and a little bit of English. 
          At this point in our lives we feel that family time is important and we want to be able to travel and explore around Taiwan and if Little N is in school we aren't able to do that quite as easily!  Just thought I would give an update on what we are doing for school with Little N!

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