Saturday, June 4, 2011

A busy Saturday!!

We had a busy Saturday.  We found on on Friday that John's grandpa Olson had died in the morning.  So we coordinated with John's family to see if someone could pick him up so that he could fly home for the funeral.  Once the decision had been made we needed to do last minute stuff -- make sure I had enough groceries for the week, get a couple gifts for birthdays that were coming up & then make sure that we had made spaghetti sauce for our party that we were going to! 
     As we were grocery shopping we decided that we were hungry so we went to McDonald's (well Caristy and the little boys did -- Little M scarfed down chicken nuggets and apples while Little N scarfed down hamburger and apples) and John got a Chinese meal!!  Looked actually pretty good!!
 As we were leaving our house to go to the party we saw a GORGEOUS sunset!!  Peaking through the trees and I just wasn't able to capture it fast enough!!  Still gorgeous!
 This weekend was a holiday weekend.  It's the dragon boat festival!  So people go to the water and there are dragon boat races to see who will win.  I asked about the holiday and got an explanation but I still don't understand so I'm not gonna do an explanation of it because I don't want to get it can always google it! :-) We were invited to go over to this family house along with two other couples and their kids!  We had tons of fun talking, visiting and getting to know one another!  We would laugh because Little M and another little boy (who are right around the same age) they would see and toy and want it.....what do little kids do when they want something well they take it -- we have no idea who had the toy first but Little M was quite distraught and went up to the little boy's daddy to try to have him fix it!!  It was pretty stinkin' hilarious!!  We had a great time and I was glad that we to try some interesting things -- one of the big things that you eat on this holiday I guess is rice balls -- so people brought sweet rice balls and savory rice balls!  John got a vegetarian rice ball -- which was totally hilarious being that he's SO not into the veggies!! So he had me try some of his, not bad at all!!  Then I tried the sweet rice ball which was really not any flavor until you dipped it in sugar but that wasn't half bad!!  They also had pizza (which Little N scarfed down 3 slices of --shocking) spaghetti & fruit!!  So a wonderful get together, wonderful company and wonderful food!  I'm glad we were able to join everyone!!
 The rice balls (whatever they are called) are wrapped in banana leaves but you don't eat the leaves.
 My silly little boys!!

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