Monday, April 18, 2011

Places to see: Lion's Head Mountain

We went on a drive and decided to go to Lion's Head Mountain for the day.  The Lion's Head Mountain got it's name because one of the sides of the mountain of course looks like a Lion's Head.  We got there right around lunch time and started our walk up the nicely paved path up the mountain.  Our whole family went (a three an half year old & an eighteen month old) for the most part it's easy walking with gorgeous sights and smells as you walk up the path.  There are sections that are steep but nothing to hard and thankfully there are places to sit and take a break.  It's a VERY narrow walking path one that I wouldn't want to meet a car on..and we met quite a few as we were walking.  We saw a tow truck going down the mountain carrying a car that looked like it had fallen off the road.  Along our walking path there were several Buddhist monasteries & nunneries.  We only walked for 3 hours and decided to just stay on the paved path but there are several paths that you can take to that are off the beaten path.  I wasn't prepared to go off roading and John just didn't feel comfortable taking the kids down the path by himself.  Before we headed back to our car our last stop was at the Buddhist Nunnery.  The ladies were so sweet and generous.  Giving us tea & the boys all sorts of treats.  We wish we could have talked with them more but it just wasn't the day.  I'm sure that this is a place that we will go explore again and again until we have see the whole area.

Things to see --
- Gorgeous temples
- Beautiful Foliage & flowers
- Mountain Views everywhere you look
 The start of our walk
 The views as we walked around
 Some of the interesting creature we met along our journey!
  The narrow roads that cars travel on
 A section of the Buddhist Nunnery. The ladies were quite gracious to chat and visit with us while giving us a chance to rest our legs for our return walk back to the car.

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  1. fun!! it looks sooo pretty there.. so different than home. those insects are CRAZY looking. i'd probably be afraid of them.. especially the first caterpillar type bug with the spikes!


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