Monday, April 18, 2011

Hiking at Lion's Head Mountain

We went hiking and I was amazed at how well Little N & Little M did especially with it being for the most part all uphill.  Little N walked for about 3/4 of the trial which we were really impressed with how much he walked.  For the most part he held our hand and walked but every once in a while we had to carry him.  Little M walked for maybe 1/4 of the trial...he was so excited and very protective of his mommy.  As we were walking if I was behind him he would stop and wait for me till I caught up with him.  When Little M was walking usually Little N went in the backpack carrier so he could get a little break.  I loved when they walked together because Little N would grab Little M's hand and walk hand in hand. 
When we stopped at the Buddhist Nunnery the ladies were so excited to see Little N & M.  They plied them with food and then as they were eating the ladies were amazed at how much Little M ate (he had a cookie, a rice cracker, candy, an orange and jello).  There was another couple who was from the same town where we currently live his profession was looking at kids and watching them, then looking at their birth date & time to tell what they will be in the future.  He gave enough information that could be true and just gave advice to us about teaching both of them to tell the truth and be polite.  I don't take much stock in what the guy said....Little N & Little M will grow up to be what they want to be and we will proud of them no matter they do. 
On our way back to the car Little N was getting really tired and sore.  We felt bad because as we were going down the hill Little N kept on saying ow ow ow my legs hurt.  So I think his calf muscles had taken a beating.  When we got to the car they ate some food and then fell fast asleep.  They went to bed at 8:30 am and woke up at 9 am the next morning (the longest they had ever slept since coming to Taiwan). 

Sorry for the many pictures because we had taken over 458 pictures......there was so many pretty things to look at!
 Such a narrow road and I couldn't believe how the tow truck got on the road.  Thankfully we were right by a gate so we could get away from the cars.
 My Happy Sweet Little M
 Bamboo when the wind blows has such a creepy sound. 

 The sweet ladies at the nunnary!!!

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