Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our NON busy Sunday

This Sunday was the first chill relax Sunday that we have had since we got here.  We all went to church, went to Sunday School and then just went home where we all took a nap (we were exhausted from our ordeal of being sick with the 24 hour stomach flu spread out through the week!!) when we woke up John decided that we should walk to the university where if we wanted to we could take some Chinese classes. So we started on our adventure.  The campus is a gorgeous campus....there was a pond that we walked around and saw the fish and birds.  Then we just walked around so that the kids could run around.  John let the kids run around in a grassy area -- Little N just wanted to run around in the grass.  That's one thing that is not very common to see in Taiwan and John just feels bad that our kids are missing out on their grass! They had a blast running around and playing.  Walked back home and stopped at a Taco stand owned by someone who attends VEF and the first time you go to her stand it's a free taco.  So I got a free taco and we paid for John's.  It's pretty amazing that it actually tastes like a taco that you would get in the states.  (Just like the states has adapted "Chinese food" the Taiwanese have adapted "Western food" to their tastes!)  After we were done at the taco stand we walked back home and I decided to be brave and try a street vendor -- we smelled it and it was an amazing smell -- like warm cakes.  But the sign had a picture of eggs and chickens so I was just worried that I would have like a cooked egg in the middle of my delicious treat.  Paid for the warm cakes and gave one to each of my kiddos (my taste tester -- if they don't like it mostly likely I won't either) thankfully it was just different shaped animal cakes.  They were delicious and such a fun treat!
 We were talking with someone who had actually been inside the hotel and it was a pretty nice place inside!  I just like the English on it!!
 Delicious cakes and so cheap.  Definitely getting more!!

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  1. Thanks,Caristy and boys for the picture of the rooster cake. It looked like it did taste good. Maybe sometime I can taste one (yeah, I know not here...that's okay, I plan on visiting!)


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