Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My first incident with a scooter!

So tonight I borrowed John's bike and rode to bible study.  I brought my ipad to use for notes & then I brought my camera incase I was running early and I could take a picture of the traffic at night.  (It's a goal one of these times to get the streakes of traffic and possibly get all the traffic light all light up.) So I had no problems getting to bible study.  But on my way back home I had no problems until I got close to the hospital.  I had a green arrow to go but half way through the crosswalk a scooter was turning right (which he's allowed to do) but then he decided to make an illegal u-turn and I happened to be in his way so he bumped me hard enough that I lost my balance and fell.  Thankfully he was able to ask if I was okay....which at the time I thought that I was but I ended up with a nice bruised knee.  But he didn't know enough English and I didn't know enough Mandarin to ask for his information in case I discovered that something bad had happened.   Plus there wasn't enough time before I became road kill to the other traffic that was about to be coming with the light changing. 
Sadly I got home told John about what happened and he was furious.  Then I went and checked my camera (thankfully okay) and my Ipad (sadly it's not okay!!)  Half the screen has a nice black screen along with green, red  & blue strips running through it.  I cried.....John was even more annoyed and was "yelling" (more yelling at the scooter guy) at me in frustration which made me feel even worse and then in turned made him feel worse.  It was a sad day!!
Here is the picture I took to make sure my camera was okay!!

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  1. ahh! that's awful :( i'm glad you're ok.. sorry about your ipad though .. yuck!


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