Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going for a walk!

Tuesday we decided to go on a walk.  Caristy got the 24 hour stomach bug Sunday night.....which was miserable and we needed to just chill on Monday BUT Tuesday we decided that we were gonna take the free bus downtown and figure out what was around the downtown area. It was lots of fun and we sure had tons of fun exploring.  We went into a traditional market downtown and ended up seeing one of our neighbors (our courtyard neighbors) which was slightly strange because you wouldn't expect to really see someone you know when you are so far away from your neighborhood! Went back home and we all were exhausted......such a fun day exploring!
 This is actually the old East Gate to get into the city!
 A temple....do you see the Rabbit?  It's the year of the Rabbit!
 Lots of crowds downtown....and scooters driving in between people.
 4 people on a scooter!!

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