Saturday, April 9, 2011

A fun day!

We have been figuring out a lot of things about where we live and how to get around easily!  We have walked a lot of places around the city (probably more than what other people have done), we took a taxi, we took the pay bus and then we figured out the free bus.  Today we had to go to a birthday party so we knew that we would have to take the free bus and the train to make it to where the birthday party was being held.  We were running a tiny bit late....thankfully the free bus was too....but we made it to the train station with just a little bit of time to spare.  We got to the train station and Little N was just jabbering and SO SO excited about taking a train.  We got over to the other side and he was amazed at just seeing a train up close and personal.  Our train came and Little N decided that we were riding on Spencer (he had to explain that the orange stripes were because he got different colored stripes but that was okay) we got to our destination and walked to our friends house....which we got a little turned around but were able to call them up and have them meet us so we could get to their house.
They had a birthday party for all 3 of their kids.  Basically all of their kids are born within three weeks of each other (I think) with a few years in between them.  They had a Toy Store themed birthday party.....we made rockets, played Tape the nose on Mr. Potato Head and just spent time enjoying the chaos of having kids playing together, adults visiting, chatting & playing games with one another.  It was such a fun birthday party to go to and I was so thankful we were able to attend!
Random Side Note --
We have been introduced to our new friends from Victory English Fellowship and there are two families that greeted us and welcomed us to Hsinchu.  It's VERY easy and comfortable to just want to spend my time with them because they are so easy to talk with, we can chat and they have helped in so many ways.  The girls took me on a shopping trip to Ikea basically two weeks after we had got here so I could look at stuff and try to set up my home. I am working hard to try to get to know EVERYONE at church but it is hard because there are so many people at the church and every week new people come (new people doesn't mean new's just new to me people)! Working hard to remind myself to be a good visitor and ask question so I can get to know more people.
After the birthday party we got to get a ride back to our apartment.  Which we were thankful for BUT Little N was disappointed about because we couldn't ride on a train again.  When we got home Little M fell fast asleep on my chest WHICH doesn't happen often.....he will let me hold him and he will give cuddles BUT rarely does he fall asleep on me -- I LOVED IT!! It was a long but FUN day!!

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