Sunday, February 27, 2011

We have arrived in Taiwan

Traveling with two kids is not always fun and I really have no advice for you on traveling except to make sure that you have their favorite snacks and toys to play with.  I was a little nervous about traveling 20 + hours on the airplane with them but thankfully they did really well.  They slept for over 1/2 the flight and we only had a few times where Little M had a melt down (which all in all isn't that horrible!) I was glad that for most of the flight the lights were turned off so we could sleep and that meant that Little M thought it was sleeping time.  The last four hours of our flight -- John, Little N and I were up for most of it so we read books, played games and listened to music.  I noticed that the sun was starting to peak through the clouds.....being on the plane and not really taking many pictures for 20 hours I figured this would be the ideal time to take pictures.  So I got a couple of pictures and then I wanted to get a picture to show that we were flying in the air so I figured I would try to get a picture of the wing with the sky in the background but we were in the middle row and most of the aisles seats were filled....thankfully someone got up to use the bathroom so I quick snuck in and got my pictures.  John looked at me like I was absolutely crazy....which I might be but I got what I wanted and it didn't cost anything. 
We arrived in Taiwan and had to get our visa stamped and make sure everything was okay! That took a while but all the staff was looking at both Little M & N with delight.  Went to baggage claim and there was a sign saying that OLSON were to look go see China Air representative....John went over to check it out and he was told that Delta had lost a bag. So we started collecting and counting our bags.....we got 7 bags and 1 carseat so we got nervous that we were gonna get the 8th bag but not the carseat.  So when the 8th bag came we held our breath in anticipation because at the same time we grabbed our bag we saw a wrapped carseat that we hoped and prayed was ours.  We got our bag and grabbed the carseat in excitement realizing that we had everything.  Talked to the China Air representative saying we had our bags.  We left baggage claim and jetted past customs.  We were met by 3 guys -- Andy, Mike & Rocky!  We were SO thankful to see them!  They helped us out of the airport where when we first arrived it was very foggy and as we were leaving the airport the fog was fading and we were able to get all of our luggage into Mike's car....then Mike & Rocky took off to Hsinchu while Andy took the rest of us in his car.  Driving around it was a little crazy because there is a weird sense of chaos.  Where ever there is space people will take it but it seems to work out.  I think if Andy & Kris hadn't warned me about while we were in the states it would have freaked me out.  We got to "our apartment" (Rocky & his wife have been gracious enough to move out so that we could move into our home and be able to set up a routine for the boys) which is a nice apartment...small in our eyes (but anything moving from a 6 bedroom parsonage would be small) it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room & dining room area, a hallway kitchen & sort of a pantry/laundry area. (Separate post with pictures describing our place to follow!) we also have a small balcony so that's pretty neat to be able to look out and see what's going on.  We got our bags in and then went downstairs to witness a car lottery (every year they having a lottery to make sure it's fair because there isn't enough parking underneath the apartments for everyone to park so they have a lottery to see who gets a parking spot underneath and who gets the parking spot underneath the park (which is a little bit more out of the way)!  I stayed for 2 minutes and then the boys saw the playground so we played on that for 10-15 minutes.  Then I couldn't handle it anymore so I went upstairs with the boys and we fed them and put them to bed.  John couldn't handle it either so he went to bed also...before the boys did. We just tried to relax today and not do too much especially with being in the fog of jet lag.

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