Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little L's 4th Birthday

You know how you always wish that you could be around to celebrate your friend's birthdays?  Well this year Little N got to celebrate his friend Little L's 4th Birthday.  Little L is for all sakes and purposes 6 months older than Little N....but whenever we are in CT we get to play and spend time with Little L & his little brother Little E.  Little L's birthday party was a super heroes party.  Most of the kids (minus mine) had super hero shirts on.  They did the old school games like pin the tail on the donkey.  Of course we had cake (along with Danish puff & cinnamon rolls -- delish!!) and of course we had to ooh and ahh over the presents that Little L got (surprisingly Little N didn't not want to open the presents and didn't get upset that he didn't have presents to open!)  Then we got to look at a cool motorized dinosaur that Little M was petting when all of sudden it came alive (remote control) and scared the crap out of him.  He was terrified of that thing!  WE all laughed and wished that we had that moment on video camera! Happy Birthday Little are one very special boy whom we love dearly!  Hope that your 4th birthday and year will be a very special year! 
 Little E
 Pin the tail on the donkey
 Buddies -- eventually we will be around to be able celebrate their birthdays together (born a day a part)
 What a cutie!!
 Was not hurting him.....I swear!! That was his goofy smile!
 Scary dinosaur time!!!

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