Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saying Good bye part 1

Saying good bye stinks!  As we were leaving the birthday party we said good bye to my aunts & cousins.  We also said good bye to Grandma....which was so hard to do because she burst into tears.  You have to realize that I have not seen my grandma cry that often so when she burst into tears it hits you pretty hard.  So we gave hugs and cried as we said our good byes.  Her goal is to come out and see where we live but I'm not sure if she would be able to do that.  I love her dearly and am so thankful for the three weeks out in  Connecticut so that we could spend quality time together.
After we left my grandma's house we (my siblings & their spouses, my nephew & my parents) all went back to my parents house and visited for a little bit.  We watched as Little M gave much love to my parents dog.  The boys played with B and their aunts/uncles.  Then it was time to say good bye....B had to go to bed for school in the morning.  So my brother comes up and gives me a hug....he treats me like I'm the younger sibling and he's the oldest....give him a hug and he's just trying to get me to get emotional and cry.  He gets the reaction that he wanted then he waits to see what happens between my sister and I.  My sister realizing that it's time to go gets very emotional & in turns makes me very emotional.  Of course my brother is just laughing watching all this (personally I think that this is because if he didn't he would cry but he'd never admit that!) I am thankful that I love my family and get emotional saying good bye!  I love you guys and am thankful to have you as my brother and sister!

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