Saturday, February 12, 2011

A trip to the air museum

All the grandchildren (Little M, Little N & B) were able to go to the air museum together. It was pretty special also because one of my parent's employees also works at the air museum and was able to give us a tour that not to many people get.  Little N and B wanted to sit in a helicoptor and have their picture taken....we were able to have that happen because of O'Neil.  O'Neil also let us get in a full restore B29 fighter plane.  It was pretty amazing to be able to climb in there and see what the conditions were for those who flew in those planes....pretty cramped but it was a big plane!  It was amazing how well the restoration was and the time and effort people did.  The thing that I liked was the art work that people painted on the airplane.  It reminded me of what we saw when we went to the Missile Silo Museum in Cooperstown, ND. We had a fun time and are so thankful for our time that O'Neil was able to spend with us and then with our family we could have spent again almost all day there and had a blast.  It's a great museum with tons of stuff to look at and a place for kids to play and learn!
 Love, love, love this picture!!  B is so good with his cousins and does a great job looking out for them!  
 In a helicoptor 

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