Friday, February 25, 2011

Good Bye Part 2

We were leaving CT at 1:55 pm today.  We spent the morning packing making sure we had our carry ons ready to go.  We finished packing and getting ready to go WAY before we needed to leave to make our flight so we played games, read books, made cookie dough to pass the time.  Called up my dad to find out if we got something in the mail that was supposed to come that day and if he was gonna meet us at the airport or not.  Grandma called and then we realized we needed to get going because we had to stop and see her before we left.  Stopped quick to see Grandma one last time.  Met my dad at a gas station.  Dad dropped us off and told us to ask if we could check in at curbside check in.  We weren't able to but the lady would help us bring in our luggage and get us ready. (Said our good byes to my dad! Tears again!!)  This by far was one of the best check in service we had EVER had.  We had 8 bags of luggage, 2 car seats & 5 carry ons.  We went over to the check in counter and they were already starting the process of checking us in....bags were getting weighed and so forth.  Check in went smoothly we were fortunate enough to ask if my mom could help us get through security and they said yes that was fine.  Went through security fine no problems.....minus the stroller so then our carry on bags had to be checked and I had to have a pat down. (Inconvenient.....yes but intrusive and handled way!  They were polite and very courtesy!)  Got through security only to find out that our flight was delayed two hours.  John went to find out what was going on while mom and I got pizza.  Ate our pizza and then found out that our flight was only 20 minutes delayed.  Said good by to my mom went down got settled into our seats only to find out that we had to deboard the plane because JFK had put out a no fly in or out of the airport.  Went back out of the airplane and sat again till about 6 pm.  Thankfully Bradley airport has free wi fi so we played games, sent out updates and entertained ourselves that way.  Flew out of Bradley to to JFK and had to figure out how to get out of the airport to the international terminal.  Sadly JFK does not have a good layout to easily get out of the terminal and not have to walk outside to get to the international terminal.  So we walked out of the terminal then walked on the sidewalk/street with cars honking and driving fast with a stroller and our carry ons.  I was SO SO thankful that we had already check our 8 bags & 2 car seats because I have no idea how we would have juggled all that in the street.  Went to China airlines to check in and make sure everything was okay! thankful that we flew out of Bradley because it seemed like they were very particular about everything & because it was already checked and in the system we had no worries!  Went through security and that was chaotic & stressful!!  Got through security and went to change both Little M & N.....Little N was fine!  Little M on the other hand was not....he had the worst blow out he had ever had since he was probably 5 months old.  It was gross and I will leave it at that.  Changed him and made him run around in his onesie till we were ready to board.  Our airplane arrived and both boys were VERY excited about the plane.  At 11 pm the airline staff got all the people with small children and lined them.  We boarded first so that we had extra time to get in and get settled in.  We got on the plane and almost immediately after we put our seat belts on and started moving both boys were out!  We slept off and one for most of the night!

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