Friday, February 18, 2011

My newest Lens

For the past year I have been saving my pennies for a new lens.  I have discovered that I have a taste for expensive lens.  The quality is really nice when you have the better costing lens!  I have a Canon Camera and I now I have two L lenses.  The reason why i like my first L lens which is a 24-70 mm with a fixed aperture is because of the fixed aperture I can attempt to take pictures & not worry about my settings changing on me. A Fixed aperture means that if you change the zoom or the shutter speed the aperture won't change unless you change it.  A variable aperture is when your aperture changes when you zoom in an out so you have to adjust both your shutter speed & aperture just to make sure that you have the right exposure (just being aware because everything changes say you were shooting at an aperture of 2.8 when you were at 17 mm but you wanted to get closer so you zoom into 70 mm, but because you have a variable aperture the aperture has changed from 2.8 to 5.6 which changes possibly what how you shoot and if your shot is indoors and you don't have enough light you could have an underexposed picture!).  I have finally saved up enough money to get a 100 mm macro lens.  A macro lens is a lens that can get really close up so that you can see lots of details.  So I decided to try it out today.  With a macro lens you have to have tons of light and and make sure that you have a big enough aperture because you are dealing with such a small object that you can have too much blurry background (bokeh)!!  Today I got to play with the camera.  I didn't have enough light so I had to go wide open (F2.8) and used a really slow shutter speed....I wanted to experiment.  I got a picture of Little M's eye and then I wanted to see how close I could get with my newest lens and I got pretty close to the lemon seed (I think I could have gotten closer too).  I think that I will have tons of fun with this new lens....I can't wait to play some more with it! 


  1. eww.... that second picture looks like a nose booger.

  2. It's a lemon seed.....that would be really gross to take a close up picture of a booger!

  3. hey Caristy! i know you are probably SUPER busy, but i just wanted to say i cannot WAIT for you to post pictures of your newwww location :)
    hope you had a great trip and you and all the boys are doing well!


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