Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl fun

Going to a superbowl party is not my definition of fun.  I'm really not into the superbowl or even football for that matter.  But I like being able to visit with family & friends which when my brother and his wife decided to host a superbowl party I knew I wanted to join in the fun.  Thankfully there was lots of chatting and laughter.  We watched but the usually demanded that the guys turn down the game so we could chat and then we would SHUSH them so that we could watch the commericals. Little N & Little M were able to spend some quality time with their grandpa & grandma but of course I wasn't able to stay away from the baby!  I got to cuddle and snuggle with a dear sweet baby girl that is one of my brother's friends daughter.  It's kind of funny I've been away from my home town for over 7 years now and it's kind of funny that I know a lot of my brother & sister's friends and they know me.  (That kind of bothers me to be so far away from my family and to know who their friends and about their life means a lot to me!)  Thanks guys so much for hosting such a great superbowl party even though I didn't care about the game....I had a blast chatting and visiting! :-)

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