Saturday, February 4, 2017

Strawberry Picking at Dahu with Friends

We went with friends to Dahu, which is in Miaoli County.  Basically, it seems like every little town has a special thing that they are known for.  Well, Dahu is known for having strawberries and I guess oranges.  Some of our friends took us to go strawberry picking.  My kids were excited for the idea of strawberry picking but they were more excited about seeing one of their favorite people three days in a row.  They were seeing her for the second time in the row today.  My kids loved picking strawberries and I tried very hard to control them so they wouldn't pick so many that we would get into trouble.  Sadly because of Chinese New Year and I think because it was still early in the season (even though it feels late in my mind) the strawberries that we kept looking at just weren't that good.  We went over to another field and picked some other strawberries they were better but even those strawberries weren't the best.  I just don't think they are quite in season.  Thankfully we had fun and I think that's all that matters.
After picking strawberries we took a mountain road that was twisting and curving hoping to find a restaurant that my friends wanted to try.  We couldn't get to the one restaurant but we went with option b which was a cute little restaurant that just was more like a cafe with sandwiches, waffles, and drinks.  The kids wanted waffles so they shared two waffles and Little H shocked me as she ate 5 waffles.  (they weren't huge waffles but it was still a lot of food.)  Then they ran around with our friend.  Little H declared that everyone was going to play tag well except for mommy because the baby might hurt mommy if she ran around. Then Little N made me laugh as he was shocked that one our friends could run so fast.  N just looked at the guy and said in a surprised voice....I had no idea you could run that fast.  We just laughed.  The next funny moment that happened was when Little H went on to describe to one of our favorite friends how to play tag when all was being asked was are you sure you want me to chase you.  It was amusing and I laughed.   The best part of the day was that when we got home we brushed teeth and all three of the kids crashed.  They were asleep by 7:45 pm which since we started vacation break has not been the norm.

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