Sunday, February 19, 2017

A family picnic by the river

VEF changed their afternoon service to an evening service.  We are hoping that the evening service will grow and be something that we see growth on but another reason was to see if John would be able to spend a little bit of time with us as a family in the afternoon before our small group and the second service.  The second Sunday of us having the evening service DID NOT work for having family time.  John had meetings after meeting and it was just miserable for all of us because he had just gotten back from Thailand the night before (while all of us were sleeping) and all we wanted to do was spend time with him.

This week was better.  We had a quick meeting, then grabbed food and headed out to an old bridge that's been repaired and had a picnic by the water.  It was a little crazy getting there but it was worth it.  The kids got to run around climbing on rocks and using their imaginations.  John and Little N went on a quick river trace.   I just enjoyed coloring, taking pictures and listening to the little waterfall that was right in front of us while we ate.  It was the perfect day and we were thankful for the time we spent together as a family.  We also took a picture of Baby Olson at 32 weeks! 😀

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