Friday, February 3, 2017

Big City - The Play Place Area

While John is gone and while all the kids are home and it's not too crazy with school and routine, I decided to use up some of the tickets that I bought a LONG time ago when I was still having play dates with Little H's best friend.   The tickets expire in July of this year and we still have a bunch of tickets.  So we walked to Big City, had lunch (pizza and noodles) and then headed over to the play place.  The strange but nice part of the play place is that it's all self-contained and there are tons of staff so parents can leave their kids there to play for 3 hours and run out to do errands...or if they want to go in the parents or adults have to spend some amount of money so that they can go in.  Which I just think is a little bit silly but rules are rules.  I guess most parents don't go in the play area with their kids and so it's just a way to make some money from the parents that do want to go in with their kids.
I did have some errands that I had to run - I was looking for some baskets for storage for the kids room -  Little H's room I want to get a storage basket for her stuffed animals and the boys I want to get some storage baskets that they can put some of their favorite treasures there and have it organized under their bed.  I also ran over to Daiso to see if I could find a container to store Little H's earrings and my earring so they were contained and didn't get lost.  After my errands, I went back, checked on the kids and then sat down to color in my coloring book.  It was kind of relaxing to color and not have to worry about the kids, because I knew they were having a blast.  The kids never found me until I searched them out again then and that was a mistake because they didn't want to leave me and play.  They just wanted to be near me and they were ready to be done.  We made it about 2 1/2 hours before the kids wanted to be done and went out with one of the staff to find me.  After they washed hands and went to the bathroom, we went downstairs and got some candy for our movie night and then walked back home.  Glad that the kids were able to go out and play and have fun.

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