Friday, February 17, 2017

A sleepover and a date night!

We had a surprise date night tonight!  One of our friend's sister is heading back home after a visit here in Taiwan.  They wanted our kids to have a sleepover at their house before she left.  We said okay and then realized that Little M had a pre-make up day for school on Saturday.  M's school is close to where my friend lives so he volunteered to drop him off at school on the way to work. 

The kids were so excited for their sleep over that they were ready to go before we had to leave.  Because we needed to let them run off some steam before going over we went over to the school park and then them play on the equipment and then run around.  Then we dropped them off for their sleepover.  They had a blast - they got treats, watched movies, got nails done and played soccer.  They were so happy after being at their house. 

We enjoyed a surprise date night.  Neither of us could really figure out what we wanted to do.  Do we go watch a movie, go out to eat, watch a tv show or just walk around the mall.  We cut out the movie because I was convinced that I would fall asleep at the theatre and that would be a waste of money.  Then I made the choice of ramen and ice cream.  Then we walked around the mall for a little bit before heading home and watching a tv show (which we fell asleep to).  It was a nice enjoyable time. 
 The kids got to watch the movie Sing which they loved and are now singing lots of different songs from the movie.

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