Thursday, February 2, 2017

Puzzle Fun

John left early on February 1st to go on a mission trip to Thailand.  Victory Church in Hsinchu has gone to southern Thailand on short term mission trips for a couple years now.  This I believe is John's 3rd or 4th year going on the mission trip.   This year we were supposed to all go as a family but then we found out that I was expecting and with Zika virus and the danger it poses for babies.  So the kids and I are staying back in Taiwan while John goes to Thailand.   Maybe next year we will get to go to Thailand. Hopefully, when John gets back from Thailand, I can take some of his pictures and show you some of the things that he did on the mission trip.  You can pray for the team because John and another person are the only people who went from Victory English the rest of the team is from the Chinese side of Victory Hsinchu and Victory Jhubei church.  So pray that there would be unity and that they would be able to work together as a team.  I know that John will have a good time while he is there.

Before John left to go to Thailand he gave the kids some puzzles to do while they are home with me.  The boys got a 520 piece puzzle.  John started the process of the puzzle with the boys getting the edges of the puzzle put together and then the boys continued to work on the puzzle.  Little M got frustrated with the idea of all the pieces and ended up destroying parts of the puzzle because of trying to figure out where stuff goes.   But Little N loved working on the puzzle and finished the puzzle up today.  He was so excited that he finished it and asked me to take a picture of him working and the finished puzzle for dad.   While N worked on finishing the puzzle John had gotten, Little M pulled out two of the big puzzles that Grandma Olson had bought us over the years and completed them.  Little M was proud of the fact that he finished his two puzzles and wanted pictures taken of his two puzzles.

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