Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Day 8 - Make a snowman marshmallow and drink hot chocolate

It's the second sunday in Advent and I was so sad that I missed the church service (I was on duty for teaching Sunday School and had to get things set up and bring Little H to the Chinese Nursery so that I could teach without having to worry about her!) but thankfully at our small group bible study we lighted two candles and talked about the second candle of advent.  So thankful for our small group and just the conversations that we are able to have. 
 When we got home from small group we quickly at our dinner and then proceeded to our bedtime snack/advent activity, which was making marshmallow snowmen and drinking hot chocolate.  The kids had a blast making their snowmen and then eating them.  I think so far this activity might be Little H's favorite activity because of all the sugar she got to eat.
 Little H is a snowman eater! 
Little M was happy that he got to have marshmallows in his hot chocolate.
 Little N worked hard to make the perfect snowman.
 I enjoyed my hot chocolate and marshmallow in the peace and quiet of our house after the kids had gone to bed for the night.  It was SO good!!

This evening Cat in the hat decided that it was time to play with marshmallows and the angry birds. Pretty sure that the kids will be excited to eat Cat in the Hat's bounty in the morning think it's pretty funny that Cat in the Hat is playing with their angry birds.

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