Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Day 2 - Set up the Christmas Decorations

 Today after the boys were done with school and had cleaned up a little bit of all the toys and stuff laying on the floor we decorated for Christmas.  We got our three boxes of Christmas stuff (yup we have three boxes of stuff!) and hoped that we would discover no mold on any of our Christmas stuff.  Thankfully we were good, the desiccate packs worked really well to keep the mold away.  The boys were really excited to take everything out and decorate.  Little H was so confused and wanted to help but just wasn't able to find out a way she could help.   The boys loved setting up the play nativity set and that's where Little H was for most of the time while we decorated the rest of the house playing with baby Jesus and Mary.  

Little N and John had fun decorating the Christmas tree and I basically let the boys decorate the tree how they wanted to (even though it killed me not to have some of the ornaments that I loved in front that I loved and wanted everyone to see.  Little M was so excited to hang up the stockings and had fun deciding who's stocking went by who.  In case anyone is wondering it went Me, Little M, Little H, John and Little N.  
There is something so special about watching the lights blink and flash on the Christmas tree.  We stared at the Christmas tree for a while and then John lighted a candle and explained what the first candle of Advent meant.  It was a chaotic time but just a meaningful time trying to ready our hearts for Jesus' birth.  
 In the morning the kids will discover that Cat in the Hat wanted to be a part of the Christmas tree decorations, also that he wanted to decorate the Christmas tree.   

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