Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Day 5 - Making "Snow Creatures"

Today's activity was to play with some beautiful snow playdough creatures.  Little N made a snow fort like he had made with his dad back in Cooperstown, I really think he misses the snow and really misses his dad.  Little M was excited to make a pink snowman, he created a flat snowman on a piece of paper.  Little H just had fun playing with her playdough and I spent most of my time with her making sure that she didn't eat the playdough.  
 Later on we had friends come over to help us with different projects.  The kids and Joel made an igloo, they were very precise in making the squares and building the igloo until it started caving in on itself then we grabbed a cup which is now permanently with the igloo at least until the igloo disintegrates. My friend Maryke came over and at first she was going to help make something with the playdough but then we were talking about how I didn't have any place to put the leftover pieces of paper from our Advent Calendar, so she decided to make a fireplace pocket so that we could put our pieces of paper we already used in the fireplace.  It turned out really year I'll get more organized and take pictures of the advent calendar because it's so cute. So thankful because friends came over to visit with me and entertain my kids.
 The Cat in the Hat decided that he needed to play with the play dough and he decided to make a snowman. He had lots of fun making his creation. 

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