Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Day 3 - Do a Christmas Learning Sheet

 Last year I had printed out a whole bunch of Christmas learning sheets that I thought that the kids would really enjoy doing but we ended up not doing them so I saved them for this year.  So after the boys nap they woke up and started coloring and cutting their Christmas worksheet and then we did a small math activity (using probability...I didn't tell my kids that we were working on probability but they had fun and they are building onto their different skills.)  I don't have pictures of our games because I was in the moment playing with the boys and having fun.  But I'm super impressed with Little N's precision with cutting stuff out.  He is very meticulous with trying to cut out on the lines and doing it just right!  Way to go man...you are such a smart little guy!
 Today was also a tough day for the whole family because John left late at night to fly out to the US to spend time with his grandpa.  The kids were upset and angry because Daddy was leaving them and that they couldn't go to America to see their grandparents.  I was sad and upset because I knew that I was good for John to go home but I also longed to go back to the US to his side of the family.  Little N was really sad because he was going to miss out on snow.  Thankfully for a wonderful and helpful distraction we had two friends come over to play some games and to hang out with the kids.  One of those dear friend's is this guy, Joel.  He went on the Thailand mission trip this past summer with John and we really bonded with him.  He has been our buddy ever since.  He loves to read to the kids, cause them to think - he would really like the boys help to build stuff having to do with electronics...just so that they know how it works.  He also love Little H - he calls her the little princess just because she is so girly and she has taken a shine on him. All the kids love him and we are so thankful that he is a part of our life.
Nothing elaborate for Cat in the Hat tonight, he just wanted to be able to do the Christmas learning sheets also.  So he wrote his name and then tried his best to fill in the learning sheet. 

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