Saturday, December 7, 2013

Advent day 7 - Make a fun and special kid meal

It's hard being a single parent and hats off to the moms and dads that do this day in and day out.  It's a no picture day of our activities because it was so hard trying to involve them and look after them as they were cooking and making our dinner for that night that we just were in the moment and didn't take pictures.  We made breaded chicken, mac and cheese, homemade crescent rolls and some fruit and vegatables.  I've started to give Little N a little bit more freedom in the kitchen, so I cut the chicken into strips and then he helped me to cut them into bit size pieces.  Little M and N then helped to me to bread and place the chicken onto the baking tray so that we could cook our chicken bites.  After the chicken is finished we made crescent rolls (like the pillsbury rolls) and I have to say that they were delicious and I was so surprised that I was actually able to make them.  The kids and I had fun rolling up the crescent rolls and then again putting them on a baking tray to cook.  We had lots of fun cooking and I'm glad that we can do it but man does cooking take lots of patience with kids. (I'm SO sorry mom for the trouble I gave you when you were teaching me to cook!)
 Look at my yummy rolls (I put some cinnamon and sugar on one batch!) 
 Cat in the Hat enjoyed the fruits of the kids work by eating some macaroni and cheese. 

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