Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Day 9 - Making cookies and giving them away

Last week I was talking with Little N's teachers asking if it would be okay for us to bring cookies in to share with his class so that my kids could learn about giving and then also so that we could just share cookies with everyone.  She told me it was fine and asked when we would do it.  I told her that we would be making the cookies on Monday so we could bring them in on Tuesday. 

After picking up the kids from school we started making cookies - the kids had fun rolling the ginger snap and snicker doodles into balls and then rolling those balls in sugar and then placing them on a tray.  Then we started to make our cut out sugar cookies and they helped me for the first 2 dozen cookies and then they decided that they couldn't do anymore and wanted to quit.  So we turned out Jake and the neverland pirates to watch.  We had fun sampling all the cookies and then getting the cookies ready to bring to their classes.  Once all the cookies were done we collected a variety of the sugar cookies and put them on a tray to bring down to our guard station to give to the staff in our community.  The kids weren't quite sure what we were doing but the staff came up to us and told us Thank you in Chinese.   After I put the kids to bed I got a tray of cookies ready so that I could share them with Victory churches staff members.  When I was finished I collapsed and went straight to bed. (No pictures of our end product or the process because I was frantically trying to be in the moment with the kids PLUS I just forgot.)

When we woke up in the morning we saw that Cat in the Hat was trying to make sugar cookies with our playdough.  He made quite a mess of our table with all the flour and and cookie cutters. 

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