Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Day 6 - Listen to Christmas Songs

There are times when life just gets to busy and you lose track of time and forget all your plans.  Today was that day.  We were invited to go over to a friends' house for food and conversation.  While we were over there house I remembered that our advent activity was to listen to Christmas music and sing Christmas songs.  Thankfully we listened to Christmas songs in the car and then we also listened to some beautiful Christmas music while we were at our friends' house.  So thankful for their friendship and their kindness in letting my family eat and play at their house. Thankful also that my kids are starting to learn some beautiful Christmas songs -- I love it when they are singing out Away in the Manger.
 Cat in the Hat was a little annoyed with us that we went to someone's house and we didn't bring him with so he decided to play some basketball and got stuck in the hoop with the ball. 

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